Kickstarter Campaign for new short film


Over the past year, I’ve been pretty busy. Three short films, a couple documentary shorts, PSAs, and a full-time job that isn’t quite related to any this artsy stuff. And now, 2014 is looking to be as challenging. The first step is in my new short film, Theoxenia.

It’s a science fiction short film based off a story written in 1953 by Randall Garrett. The story follows three astronauts who are testing an experimental faster than light engine to our solar systems’ nearest star. Once they get there, the star begins the initial stages of going supernova, which leads our astronauts headed back home.


The story came to me after an experience co-writing another adaptation of a public domain short story. I really liked the process, and looked to take another stab at it. This led me to “Time Fuze” – the story Theoxenia is based on. The fun thing about adaptation is in taking a story that has existed for many years, and not just directly transferring that into a script, but finding a way to transcribe it into something cinematic. That leads to further research and coming up with a theme other than what’s presented in the original.

This research led to my looking for certain myths, or classic stories that revolve around a similar idea as presented in “Time Fuze”. (Getting further into this, would be giving away some major plot points.) Needless to say, this is where the strange name, “Theoxenia” comes in. The Greek term has to with the idea that in ancient times, the Gods tended to take on mortal forms. Visiting the humans under their guidance, and depending on how they were treated, bestowing gifts to their hosts or reigning down calamity.

That’s how Theoxenia was born.

During the month of April, I’m running a Kickstarter campaign to cover expenses for the movie that I don’t have. I’d love it if you could check out the campaign page, and contribute if you’re able. You can click the icon on the top, or follow the link below. I’d also welcome sharing the campaign page, this blog, or following along on Twitter (@muthmedia), in order to gain eyes on this project. Below is the campaign video. Enjoy.

Also during this month, and throughout the entire process of making Theoxenia, I’ll be posting here (and on Kickstarter) to take you on this journey with me.