It’s that time of year… Film Festivals.

So, there’s these three short films that I have kind of just sitting around. I’ve decided that before they gather too much dust, I’m going to enter them into some film festivals. Why I’m announcing that is, because during this time they’ll have to go offline – or more specifically, be made private.

So, really this is just letting you know that the shorts will be back, but for at least the next couple months, they won’t be accessible. The poster’s will still be here, and I’m working on having some trailers cut for each one (we’ll see how that goes – as when I say, “I’m working on having”, that means, I’m really going to do it myself… Whenever I find the time for that.)

Extra time, you say? Lest we all forget, I’m working on a Kickstarter campaign, and revving up to film my next short film.

Here’s a little update video on that front, and be on the lookout for any news regarding film festivals.