Working as a freelance graphic and web designer for nearly a decade, John moved into filmmaking in 2009, when he volunteered to become a development PA on a small film in Pittsburgh, PA. From there, those connections took him to Los Angeles where he worked on numerous projects from short films, music videos, web-series, commercials, and feature films. John worked in various positions and developed a firm grasp on what it takes to be on and run a set. In 2011, he produced and was the Assistant Director on a low-budget feature, HAY DAYS, filmed in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Corralling the cast, crew, and dozens of extras, John also assisted with creating the graphics for the opening credits and the final film’s poster.

After moving to Washington D.C. in 2012, he joined a small group of fellow filmmakers and within his first year wrote and directed three short films, worked on the crews of two other projects, and consulted with numerous filmmakers on how to approach filmmaking. In 2014, John ran a Kickstarter campaign, successfully raising nearly $3000 for a science-fiction short film, THEOXENIA. After the completion of the film fell apart, he decided to turn his short film into a 50 page graphic novella. Completed in 2018, the finished book is now available, and John’s followup graphic novel, THE PLEIADES, will soon be ready for release.